The last 36 hours feels equivalent to a week. I woke up Wednesday (yesterday??!) morning at 6am to study before my 8:30am Finance exam. Right after I finished, I ate and then started studying for my 3pm exam. After that, I went home to pack and clean my apartment, went to my friends' for a pot luck, and then left Lennoxville at 9pm for an 8 hour drive back to Hamilton. Arrived around 5am to a little afterparty sissy Beck was throwin. Went to sleep by 6am (haven't pulled an all-nighter since it was the cool thing to do in grade 8!), woke up at 1pm, and then went to my dentist appointment where I got a ROOT CANAL. Didn't even realize til' afterwards (I thought it was just a cavity). I'm going to drink so much pop and eat so much candy now (as I haven't really been able to with my bummed tooth/root).

Now that you know my life story, LETS GET CRUUUUUUUNKED. And pretend we're on a beach and flash our tits like there's no tomorrow SPRING BREAK WOOOOOO!!!!

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