oh the memories

Katz Cottage
Annual Meeting Minutes

October 11, 1993 10:20 am

Present: Howard Katz, Nancy Katz, Kathy Katz, Amy Katz, Marci Katz, Becky Katz, Laura Katz, Sasha Katz, Tia Katz, Heather Lethbridge

- Food – good food, Amy will bring more food. Less trips to Marina, less junk food from store
- Less movie rentals, more taping
- Drinking – Amy will bring ice tea, good lemonade, bring own alcohol
- Sleeping – sleeping in is ok, but if breakfast is finished you have to make your own
- Keeping Bunkie clean - #1
- Skiing – everyone can ski (except Tia)
- Marci needs to wear her lifejacket ALL the time
- No kids are allowed to take plug out of the boat, lifejackets have to be hung up
- Being ready when we have to go somewhere
- Things from cottage needs to be put back
- Adults only allowed 3 cigarettes
- Chores from everyone


- Sasha in charge of shoes and lifejackets
- Laura pooper scooper
- Marci & Becky – Bunkie
- Tia has to listen to Sasha
- Everyone is responsible for friends mess
- Have to make beds
- Need new couch for Bunkie
- You are allowed to go to the Marina or Big Chute at 10, after test



false alarm

So I wake up to a call from the Dentist this morning..not only do I NOT have no cavities, but I have TWO. One on each side, which means, not one, but TWO appointments. FUCK!!! This is terrible considering I'm leaving the day after tomorrow and won't be back til' who knows when. GAWWD I hope my teeth don't rot and fall out.

I fucking hate the Dentist. Anti-semite bastards.