oh yeah

So Beck, Lo, Dad and I are leaving in the early a.m. tomorrow for NYC.. will be back in time for New Years Eve festivities (unfortunately?).

Also, I packed and moved out of my Toronto abode today, and although we all knew it was super temporary and my living arrangement was a little less than normal, I am pretty sad. Cody and Zoe, you were fabulous roommates, and I will miss our evenings full of smoking bowls (me), take-out (you) and Parking Wars.

On another note, I know this is premature (but I don't think i'll be nearing the virtual world for the next few days), so here is the final lighting of our menorah candles. I hope you each had a great Chanukah! Next year in Jerusalem!!





I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus

I just learned at dinner tonight that Santa is the kid's dad, and the mom WASN'T cheating on her man. Interestingggg


Dear Zoe,

I have eaten your entire box of Toaster Strudel since you've been away. Maybe it's because I miss you and they make me think of you? It doesn't help that their fucking delicious. I had two for "dinner" the other night EEEK. I promise I'll be replace them, but only if you come home soon! xoxo


(this is meant for Monday, night 2)

sweet dreams xo




I am so not excited for new years anymore (not that I super was before anyways)..I'm watching Forrest Gump, and the new years scene is so depressing. Lieutenant Dan is just so sad.

woah, Gary Sinise is a pretty big babe.

ALSO, the soundtrack is maybe one of the best ever.

On another note, tonight is the FIRST NIGHT OF CHANUKAH!



Hakuna Matata

In the last week:
-bought Mariah Carey Christmas Album (even though it was originally meant for zoe's bday present)
-saw a really great movie: Slumdog Millionaire (which further confirms my desire to have babies with an Indian man)
-found a beautiful pair of brown lace-up boots from Penny Arcade (Rachel's newly opened vintage store that is entirely amazing)
-Jack the Snack is home
-Korean bbq with my fellow stock boyz
-Jessica visits
-attended my 8 year old niece's first piano recital (and she's actually good!)
-sleepovers at Michelle's
-guest bedroom at cody and zoe's new mtl abode
-2 days til Chanukah
-6 days til Christmas
-8 days til NYC
-just made DELICIOUS KD. AND have leftovers for when I get home all drizzzed tonight

-failed my G2
-bailed pretty hard in the snow and have big bruise on my thigh
-still need to acquire proper winter boots and jacket
-skipped sneak preview of Bedtime Stories to see Slumdog Millionaire (even though it was amaze)
-my roomates are in montreal and I really really want to be there. Also, I am lonely.
-Having to buy presents when i'm broke as a joke
-missing people
-12 days left of being a Toronto resident
-living another Quebec winter
-going back to school
-summer's so far away

At least the good outweighs the bad..

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRINCESS ZOE (i will have a drink in your honour tonight)!!!!!


If you like

Mariah Carey and Christmas music, i suggest you watch/listen to THIS. I promise at least a little bit of your heart will feel warmer and body colder (due to chills).

I put it on for my dad this morning while I went upstairs to get ready and could hear him listen to it TWO more times. For real. BEST DAD/MAN/PERSON EVERRRRRR.


I re-got my G1!

I also cut my finger grating potatoes so my dad can make his delicious latkes. MMMM I LOVE CHANUKAH. I've been growing out my nails so that I can get my nails did Chanukah-style. Pictures to follow fo sho. But for now, please enjoy this...


I've watched this

30 times. For real.

He's probably bagged a million hot dudes since this hit youtube. But, what the FUCK is he wearing???


From now on

I'm a vodka snob and am only going to drink Ketel One. Actually. Last night I had the privilege of being Michelle's plus one for a vodka tasting party at Spoke and discovered my newfound fav poison goes down like water compared to shitty Absolut and even Greygoose! For real, you should try it.

Also, I ended up getting kind of drunk and the photographer took a bunch of obnoxious pictures of me with the ginormous sized Ketel One bottle (ie. holding it like a baby, making out with it, etc). I really hope they don't end up on the internet somewhere and turn up in 20 years when I decide to run for Prime Minister. Hmmm.


and you got some big titties wit a matchin' ass

Hearing Ludacris say "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" on David Letterman tonight was totally heartwarming and I like him even more now. He drives a Hybrid Escalade!! BABE.

Southern Hospitality is one of the first rap songs I remember listening to (and contributes to my like for the genre)..it reminds me of eighth grade and hanging out in Jory's basement.

I couldn't upload the video because I suck at computers, but check it out here if you'd like a blast from the past.

Love ya, Ludy.


For real??

Butter Chicken poutine, anyone??

I'm pretty excited for this place, although I will probably only ever pay for the Traditional poutine. All the others sound crazy and kinda gross, and i'm not very good at trying new things. I prefer guaranteed enjoyment. But who doesn't??


Dear Summer,

I fucking miss you.


i thought i liked winter

but walking/sprinting home from the bar SUCKED. usually, it's bearable. Pleasant, even. My effing hands have icy wind burn!

Thannks for the shmoke, coday.




(and one month til zp turns HALFWAY to FIFTY!!)
Listening to your ipod on shuffle is pretty great; the anticipation of seeing what song is comin next is so exciting!! Especially when Dreams (Biggie) comes on as you settle into the back window seat on the Lansdowne bus. I felt so gangster (for some reason?? Was there a scene similar to that in 8 Mile??).

Oh, and i've never ever really felt inclined to see a movie on opening night, but January 16th, you can find me lining up to get tickets for NOTORIOUS.

Check this shit out:



is biting me and zp (and cody?) in our sleep?? Zoe has a crazy bite rash on her shoulder, and i have one on my ankles!! I don't know what makes me want to barf more: centipede, spider, flea, or bed bug bites.




This movie is so fucked (but soo good)...i would really like to remember what I thought about it when I watched it some 15 years ago. And I love Winona Ryder,

and the fact that she's a huge klepto.



is it absolutely terrible

to chug a little pop in the morning??

Thanks to Cody J. Finney, there's always Dr. Pepp or Pepsi or Coke in the fridge, and what better quenches your morning thirst than a couple gulps of some cold bubbly sugary stuff?

**Thanks Code


I google imaged "love triangle"

and this is what i found:

Life is funny. Not really, but kind of.


f u

mo fo(s)

Does he wear eyeliner or what????