drinks on meee

So I won 15 bones today, in a bet I had going with 3 classmates/friends/drug dealer. We each put in $5 and the person with the best mark on our Hinduism/Jainism quiz would get the dough. Saweeeeet. Except one didn't come to class (we found out his mark), one "didn't have her wallet", and the other is my drug dealer and I already owed him $10. So as of now, i'm down $5..but I suppose up $5 worth of da ganja. Could be worse, I guess.

I've been wikipedia-ing a lot of shit lately for some reason.. well, mostly people and stuff to do with aliens. Though, I just read about marijuana (initially to find funny synonyms), and it's pretty jokes:

"Marijuana users typically only smoke resin as a last resort when they have run out of marijuana flowers."


DOWN BELOW NEIGHBOUR>> SHUT YOUR FUCKING SHIT ASS FINGER 11 TYPE SHIT MUSIC OFF. It's weird, they/he/she blasts shit music around the same time every night. It's like clockwork! and it's shaking my floor.


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dixie dawn said...

don't worry, we dont' have to smoke resin - i have some flowers for your homecoming.