caca rouge

My hair is currently soaked in Henna and wrapped in a plastic Provigo bag. It's a good thing I'm home alone, I look like a fucking freak.

Can't decide whether I should attempt to study for Wednesday's midterms or if I should get stoned and watch 2012 Apocalypse documentaries and/or LOST SEASON 2(!!). Hmm. I think I will go with the latter (obvi). I suck.

Peace, yo.

ps. Mickey Rourke actually looks kinda hot (on the Red Carpet). Usually, his retoddedly fake face makes me wanna yak.

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beck said...

mickey rourke looks so whack compared to what he used to look like...
did you watch his interview with babs walters??
sooo depressing.
though you're right, he DID look like a babe on the red carp