I got the flux

Had Indian buffet for dins--got filled to the max and have had crazy burps and stomach insanity ever since (5 hrs ago). The fact that I was mildly food poisoned at lunch (quiche from Bean Bar), or so I think, probably isn't helping the whole situation.. going to get baked and watch Lost and try to forget.

On a side note, my dad is JOKES.

re: America's Next Top Model- "That girl's not that great"

re: computer illiteracy- "I tried to write Sarah (Byrnes) a message, but I think I wrote on her wall"

I was tempted to tief a twenty from his wad of cash just laying on the kitchen table, but I DID NOT. Trying to up my karma level. I suppose shoving 3 shirts on under my clothes to avoid paying at Value Village today isn't a good start. shiz.

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dixie dawn said...

stealing from VV doesn't count.