I'm starting to think my obsession with this song will never end. But things could be worse, right??

**sorry to the people that live with me



A fabulous birthday, really.


Is there a Wendy's around here?? For real.. I would honestly pay $20, probably even more, for a combo #7 (Homestyle chicken breast sandwich, fries, and a root beer) to be delivered to my bedside RIGHT now. UGHHH i am hungry as fuck and have the worst pasties ever.

The poor/too-lazy-to-go-grocery-shopping diet kind of sucks the big one. Although, It's also kind of funny; HK and I had a good laugh earlier as we were making our dinner--mr. noodles and a fried hot dog w/ mustard (no bun).

I just had a half-a-smoke out on the front porch and witnessed the lives of outdoor cats... I saw, like, 6 cats lurkin' around. Pretty interesting to think about what they do when us humans ain't around, but I'm kinda scared for our cats. I wonder if there's, like, cat gangs. HAH. or some that are better 'friends' than others; 'alliances', if you will. I occasionally hear cat fights at night, outside.. it's a little scary and creepy and sad. Especially thinking about cats beating eachother up and hurting one another. waa waa.

Oh yeah, so we have four cats now. It's actually going way smoother than we all had predicted, although Dexter has a little scratch on his nose (wonder who did it...) and one of the cats took a huge piss on my duvet (wonder who did it...). KPA threw it in the wash right away and then I threw it in the dryer, and within 5 minutes, the entire house smelled like burning cat piss. FUCK.

Gotta get Dex and Gob fixed this week, too--before they start fucking. That'd be super bad news.

Wow. I got completely side tracked and rambled and now I forget what I had planned to "blog" about. And now I'm burnt out/still stoned, my eyes getting drier and harder to keep open.. AND my lap top feels hot enough to fry an egg. and combined with the radioactive waves (?), my thighs and stomach feel crazy. i'm also STARVINGGGG. i hate going to bed hungry.



Jack the Snack

how hot is jackie's new hot pink lipstick?

Well, i'm writing from jaclyn's super phatty soft bed. Just took almost full advantage of the wonderfully stocked kitchen (would have eaten more if i hadnt stuffed my face with pizza an hour prior)...chugged a root beer, coffee w/french vanilla coffee mate, some soy nuts, Pecans (some un-toasted, as well as a batch of burnt ones w/white sugar), a slice of Munster cheese, miss vickies...ummm i think that's it.

oh shit, gotta go pick up some BC from Shopper's before 9, and it's quarter to. I'll continue this later...