oh yeah

So Beck, Lo, Dad and I are leaving in the early a.m. tomorrow for NYC.. will be back in time for New Years Eve festivities (unfortunately?).

Also, I packed and moved out of my Toronto abode today, and although we all knew it was super temporary and my living arrangement was a little less than normal, I am pretty sad. Cody and Zoe, you were fabulous roommates, and I will miss our evenings full of smoking bowls (me), take-out (you) and Parking Wars.

On another note, I know this is premature (but I don't think i'll be nearing the virtual world for the next few days), so here is the final lighting of our menorah candles. I hope you each had a great Chanukah! Next year in Jerusalem!!





I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus

I just learned at dinner tonight that Santa is the kid's dad, and the mom WASN'T cheating on her man. Interestingggg


Dear Zoe,

I have eaten your entire box of Toaster Strudel since you've been away. Maybe it's because I miss you and they make me think of you? It doesn't help that their fucking delicious. I had two for "dinner" the other night EEEK. I promise I'll be replace them, but only if you come home soon! xoxo


(this is meant for Monday, night 2)

sweet dreams xo




I am so not excited for new years anymore (not that I super was before anyways)..I'm watching Forrest Gump, and the new years scene is so depressing. Lieutenant Dan is just so sad.

woah, Gary Sinise is a pretty big babe.

ALSO, the soundtrack is maybe one of the best ever.

On another note, tonight is the FIRST NIGHT OF CHANUKAH!



Hakuna Matata

In the last week:
-bought Mariah Carey Christmas Album (even though it was originally meant for zoe's bday present)
-saw a really great movie: Slumdog Millionaire (which further confirms my desire to have babies with an Indian man)
-found a beautiful pair of brown lace-up boots from Penny Arcade (Rachel's newly opened vintage store that is entirely amazing)
-Jack the Snack is home
-Korean bbq with my fellow stock boyz
-Jessica visits
-attended my 8 year old niece's first piano recital (and she's actually good!)
-sleepovers at Michelle's
-guest bedroom at cody and zoe's new mtl abode
-2 days til Chanukah
-6 days til Christmas
-8 days til NYC
-just made DELICIOUS KD. AND have leftovers for when I get home all drizzzed tonight

-failed my G2
-bailed pretty hard in the snow and have big bruise on my thigh
-still need to acquire proper winter boots and jacket
-skipped sneak preview of Bedtime Stories to see Slumdog Millionaire (even though it was amaze)
-my roomates are in montreal and I really really want to be there. Also, I am lonely.
-Having to buy presents when i'm broke as a joke
-missing people
-12 days left of being a Toronto resident
-living another Quebec winter
-going back to school
-summer's so far away

At least the good outweighs the bad..

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRINCESS ZOE (i will have a drink in your honour tonight)!!!!!


If you like

Mariah Carey and Christmas music, i suggest you watch/listen to THIS. I promise at least a little bit of your heart will feel warmer and body colder (due to chills).

I put it on for my dad this morning while I went upstairs to get ready and could hear him listen to it TWO more times. For real. BEST DAD/MAN/PERSON EVERRRRRR.


I re-got my G1!

I also cut my finger grating potatoes so my dad can make his delicious latkes. MMMM I LOVE CHANUKAH. I've been growing out my nails so that I can get my nails did Chanukah-style. Pictures to follow fo sho. But for now, please enjoy this...


I've watched this

30 times. For real.

He's probably bagged a million hot dudes since this hit youtube. But, what the FUCK is he wearing???


From now on

I'm a vodka snob and am only going to drink Ketel One. Actually. Last night I had the privilege of being Michelle's plus one for a vodka tasting party at Spoke and discovered my newfound fav poison goes down like water compared to shitty Absolut and even Greygoose! For real, you should try it.

Also, I ended up getting kind of drunk and the photographer took a bunch of obnoxious pictures of me with the ginormous sized Ketel One bottle (ie. holding it like a baby, making out with it, etc). I really hope they don't end up on the internet somewhere and turn up in 20 years when I decide to run for Prime Minister. Hmmm.