genie in a bottle

3 annoying/weird/funny/crazy series of events that all happened to have happened on my way home from work tonight:

1) I stopped at a corner store (king and duff) to buy the new Nylon and some candy for my walk home...so, as i was paying for my mag and blow pop, a bunch of change fell out of the hole in my wallet. Not only did the store's security guard, who was standing right beside me, not bend over to help pick up the coins, but i could tell he stopped reading his newspaper to watch me do it all. And then when i stood back up he smiled at me. What a fucking creepy loser.

2) I witnessed some late-twenties chachi douche bag in a Lamborghini get pulled over for speeding.

3) I walked behind a really sketchy and waaaasted man all the way up MacDonell. Not only was he stumbling and walking in the most crooked path, but he picked his wedgie, like, a hundred times! haaaaha too bad i had to laugh about it all alone..

Watching Atonement with kpa and mich...soo good so far, except Keira Knightley is wayy too skinny.

Going the Hammer tomorrow morn. Yay!