this Sunday, you're not so bad

a brief convo between father and I via text.

Me: "you still going to miami?"
Howie: "Not likely. No hotties calling"
Me: "really?? I feel like miami bachelors would be the most eager!"
Me: "Should I set you up with Ilana's momma? She's a paralegal I think"
Howie: "I thought you said she was a bit nuts!"
Me: "yeah, but maybe she's just a crazy mom. And we were 15. Going to write Ilana and see if she's single."
Howie: "Ok thanks."

All verbatim. Definitely brightened up my Sunday. It's also gorgeous out..might just take my little self for a walk!

Also, since the boys' visit, I've been smoking in my apartment. It's gross!

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zp said...

sunday isn't so bad when not hungover...maybe we should stop hanging out on saturday night...nooot!