I'm in one of the computer labs at school (coincidentally called "Hamilton") and this Asian (Chinese, i think?) chick beside me is listening to headphones and, I have no idea what the fuck she's watching, but she won't stop giggling and randomly whispering. It's driving me INSANE. I have 2 exams in the next 32 hours, KEEP IT DOWN BITCH. Also, I'm pretty sure someone is eating an everything bagel toasted with herb and garlic cream cheese and I WANT TO CRY/DIE/ASK FOR A BITE.

ps. Had 2 amazing Easter dinners Sunday and Monday. Mrs. Edith Preston was kind enough to make me a non-bready stuffing, which was quite delicious (and extremely thoughtful)! Also, met a CHILF. That was a bonus.

After unsuccessfully scouring the plateau for matzah with zp, I drove to Westmount and bought 4 boxes. Made INCREDIBLE (not to toot my own horn) matzah brittle and my LV posse went crazy over it. Ate a tonne of turkey, amongst a million other things, last night at the potluck and passed out by 10pm. But for some reason I'm EXHAUSTED today. Shitty. Maybe that's why the innocent little Chinese girl is pissing the shit out of me.

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